I’d like a table outside the window, please.

Another thing I’ve noticed in Zurich the last few days, is that no matter how cold it is (read: 25, 28, 32 degrees) people still seem to prefer eating outdoors. Of course any good restaurant will give you the option to sit in or out, but I have been surprised by the number of people choosing to sit outside, bundled up in their coats and scarves and hats enjoying a good meal. I think more surprising still is that restaurants even offer this option!

Looks Cozy!

The minute the air turns crisp in New York, the outdoor tables are put away and plastic wrapped doors and awnings are set up to keep the cool winter air out of restaurants. People won’t even dare to wait outside for a table, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before their toes begin tingling and they long for a hot beverage to keep their fingers and throat warm.

Maybe the people of Switzerland are so used to their outdoor activities that the cold weather while enjoying a hearty meal is nothing out of the ordinary. They are so used to being out on the slopes or walking to work that the chill in the air doesn’t penetrate their skin and take hold of their bones in the same way as other places in the world.

While I admire their determination to enjoy their beautiful landscapes in all seasons and despite freezing temperatures, I will continue with my tradition of preserving my extremities and dining indoors.

What can he say?


6 responses to “I’d like a table outside the window, please.

  1. Eating outside in 30 degree weather….I wonder how often food gets sent back because it’s not warm enough? Here in Florida when the temperature rises above 90 and people eat outside they are shielded from being truly exposed to the ruthless heat and humidity by air conditioned misters. Are the Swiss outdoor diners blessed with heaters outside? I’m with you… cold days, warm food….inside …and preferably by a fireplace!

  2. amandasperspective

    I don’t think they do have outdoor heaters actually. Even just yesterday I was sitting at a coffee shop, bundled up inside with some hot chai, and watched numerous people opt for the tables outside on the square. They just sit in their jackets and hats and enjoy the outdoors. Maybe their blood is thicker?? Or the company keeps them warm…hmmmm!

  3. They do that in Copenhagen a lot, really have changed the way people do winter over there.

  4. I live in a country that’s hot all year around…snow is like a rare diamond….that photo of the chairs and tables piled with snow looks so beautiful to me 🙂 Strange huh? I guess we all like something we don’t have. I don’t really appreciate my constant summer and long to trade it for a bitter winter.

    • It is true! While I love hot weather as much as I can get it, I am a true seasonal girl. Every time the leaves change color, or the snow falls, I’m like a little kid again with excitement over it all! You should take a snowy vacation to a northern country to feel the snow on your skin!

  5. And the Swiss are supposed to be such sensible people…

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