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Pool With a View

Coming from a city that is relatively sunny no matter what time of year, (the wonders of New York!) and being a person who generally craves sunlight 23 hours a day, surviving a winter in Berlin is a challenge. Long, endless days of gray spread into weeks and months without so much as a hint of sunshine.

So when I was searching for an apartment in Buenos Aires, I strategically chose to stay a little out of my ideal neighborhood to have a pool. With sunlight. And a view of Buenos Aires. Yes, my friends, my 16th floor rooftop pool is gorgeous, and refreshing, and has a view to kill for. (So does the gym, but let’s not even get into how I packed my running shoes and sports bras with no intention of actually bringing them out in the next few days/weeks!)

Now, that's a view!

Now, that’s a view!

So on Sunday, for the first day since I was last in South America about 4 months ago, (holy crap – did not realize it was only 4 months ago until I just counted!) I saw the sun. And I took advantage of it! I spend 3 glorious hours basking in it’s sunny warmth. Of course, being unused to pale skin for any extended period of time, I may or may not have overdone it on my first day of exposure, and may or may not be bright red as a result, but regardless of what may or may not have happened, it was worth every second of it’s happiness-inducing power.

Thank you sun, for I have come to life again!



Following My Shadow

This weekend was certainly beautiful. We were lucky with the warm weather – okay, “warm” is a relative term, but mid-to-high-40’s is pretty warm for Berlin in early March! And I even got to hang out with my shadow who was in hiding for the better part of last week.

Hi there, old friend!

I spent the weekend mostly wandering around with Lotte, finding new and different parks every day that we could romp in and hopefully meet a cute male dog or two for her to flirt with. Or am I confusing what each of us was looking for?

We started Sunday at Mauer Park, which can get quite crowded as the day wears on due to their Sunday Flohmarkt (Flea Market for us Anglo-Saxons.) But we were there early enough that we didn’t have to fight the crowds for our spot in the sun. And Lotte was happy to just run free searching for friends.

Setting up the Flea Market Sunday morning

The spot in Mauer Park where Karaoke magic happens in the afternoons

The happiest Lotte running full speed towards me

Thanks for the treats!

A Ray Worth Celebrating

Since moving to Berlin in March, I have experienced a wide array of weather conditions. It started out cold and┬áheavy jacket worthy, and then soon moved into one of the most beautiful springs I’ve had in a while. Trees and flowers bloomed, green sprang up all around the city, people were roaming the streets content in the sunshine.

Then about midway through June something changed. The weather in Berlin started to take a downward turn, giving us some days at 85 degrees and others at 50. I thought this was manageable so long as the 85 and sunny days were mixed in intermittently. But for about the last month (or more) I have found myself always with an umbrella and rain coat in hand, (and plenty of plastic bags and paper towels for when I come to work on bike.)

Berliners call it crazy, it’s never been this bad, they don’t know what’s happening. My colleagues call it climate change. And I call it depressing! 1 month of neverending rain, well that is not actually accurate, since it is just rain everyday, but not for the entirety of the day. There may be 1 hour of bright hot sunshine sprinkled in to 20 minutes of torrential downpours. It is truly just crazy and unpredictable. Even when the weather says 20% chance of rain and bright sunshine, you are bound to wake up to raindrops on your patio, or to get heavily sprayed at lunchtime

So with this crazy weather in mind, and a forecast claiming gray skies and rain all weekend, I managed to snap this beautiful and serene shot while at Tiergarten Park in Western Berlin last weekend. It was as though the rain was never threatening, and sunshine was abound for the true summer season.

A gorgeous day in Tiergarten