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The “Mosquito” Problem

Have you ever noticed this about mosquitoes – when you search for them you can never ever ever find them, but when you don’t pay attention and think everything’s cool and you are mosquito free they come up and bite you! Or even worse, they buzz in your ear so you know they are there but you still can’t catch them!

While the mosquitoes in Argentina piss me off because I hate to be itchy, (and this sucker just bit my toe…my TOE! Come on!) the mosquitoes in Paraguay also terrify me because they carry Dengue. And while people think Dengue is no big deal, (especially if you ask a Paraguayan because they have most likely had it and survived it – TWICE,) I’m pretty sure you can actually die from it, or at least feel very much like you might die.

So with all my happy triumph for being in summer when the northern hemisphere is still suffering in a sad, lonely, gray, I am suffering due to inconsiderate insects. And I must admit, while I’m very much a “live and let live” kind of person, the exception to this rule for me is mosquitoes. They are fine living until they threaten to bite, and then they are done for. If I can catch them!



Winter, come out come out wherever you are!

So, much to my earlier guided misconceptions, (I was forewarned for how cold the weather would be when I arrived,) it is hot as hell in Asuncion during the winter. Apparently last year was a bit off and the weather was colder than usual, but for whatever reason – it is certainly HOTTER this year! We have been having a bit of a mix, but the majority of the last two weeks have been in the high 70’s to mid-80’s, (Fahrenheit, of course.) Such as today, it was 85 and now at 9pm it’s a cool 75. Now I know this is nothing compared to the 102 central park hit at 3pm this afternoon, but I am on the second floor and my A/C unit isn’t working at the moment. I feel sympathy for those suffering  heat stroke in NYC tonight because my ceiling fan just isn’t cutting it!

And if you were wondering why I don’t just open the window to let in a cool breeze, I will inform you of another side effect of a warm winter – MOSQUITOES! Now here is something I’ve been struggling with from day 1, an overabundance of mosquitoes and a limited amount of Amanda. On my second day in Asuncion, I bought a little electronic plug-in that you can refill with Raid tablets every 12 hours. I went from having about 50 mosquitoes in my room to zero overnight. It. Was. Magic. Now that my room is in the clear, I still have the problem of walking outside… or into the kitchen. I must have the sweetest blood in the world because as I keep saying here, “Me estan comiendo!” “They are eating me!” So the next time you see me, please ignore the scabs and scars all over my arms and legs from the battlefield.