Use What You Got

There is something to be said about delicious food scraped together from all the leftovers you have in the house. The bonus is when you only buy foods you like (hopefully you’ve mastered this by now, as I am starting to,) which means your leftovers will taste pretty damn delicious! On a random Saturday morning, when rummaging through the fridge to see what I can cook, I very often just grab as much cheese, salami and tomatoes as I can, and if I have avocado on hand, even better! I consider this being “creative” in the kitchen, and really, who can turn down this combo of delicious noms? I thus present to you, breakfast for one!

Breakfast for One!

Breakfast for One!





One response to “Use What You Got

  1. What’s that in the middle of the plate, and can you make me breakfast this weekend? kthx.

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