Got That Travel Bug Again

So I’ve been bit again, by the travel bug. No matter how much you might hear me complain that “this time, it really is too much!” or that I am “burnt out on traveling” the tiniest of opportunities never ceases to make me scour for hours at a time trying to find the best possible deals to anywhere.


My next adventure will take me to South America, once again. I have a week of workshops in Paraguay and a week of working sessions in Argentina. Top that off with a never-ending desire to go see the Pantanal, and a passion for Buenos Aires that seems to get stronger as the years go on, and you can see quite clearly I’m already setting up a few weeks that will be “too much to handle” or that might just “really push me over the edge this time.”

I personally don’t think this will do me in, but I’m willing to try until I burn out. And only then will I turn in my passport and laugh knowingly that the adventure is over, (and probably only then will I realize I’ve made it all the way to the pearly gates!) Yes, my friends, travel is in my blood and the cravings never seem to cease.

I’m looking forward to a 2013 filled with even more adventure and travel and love than before. Only maybe this time I’ll feel better equipped to handle it all!


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