Playing with Color and Layering

So I had another lesson today, my second photography/photoshop lesson. I have to say I am still such a beginner! I still need to find my groove and style when it comes to snapping, and never realized I actually have to learn how to stop thinking like a tourist when taking a shot, and go for the photo that tells a story, (rather than just illustrating it before your eyes.)

So I give you another taste of Amanda magic! This week’s lesson was about taking 3 shots consecutively without moving the lens, all with slightly different exposures. You can pull all the images together within photoshop and it gives the image a sort of surreal look – something that cannot be achieved with one shot alone.


Snow capped tombstone markers at a graveyard in Kreuzberg, though supposedly no one lays beneath them


Busy city corner in Kreuzberg with a flourescent yellow building


2 responses to “Playing with Color and Layering

  1. Super cool! That yellow building shot in particular, looks like you used a fisheye lens or something, the way the image seems to wrap around. Keep it up!

  2. Beautiful shots – love what you’re doing with your camera, your classes and your remarkable sense of style, color and design. Just lovely!

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