I waste so much time

This is a common affliction among most people I know. Wasting time. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, at the office, out with friends, preparing for client meetings…wherever you are the possibilities to waste time are overwhelming.

Rather than getting to the point in what should have been a very productive morning this morning, I read an article on LinkedIn titled “How to Develop Strong Time Management Habits, Even if You’ve Failed in the Past” which is basically just another method of wasting time by reading about how to be more productive, (instead of actually being productive!)

New sites keep popping up left and right with the intention of distracting you from the things you are meant to be doing. Don’t even get me started on how much time I waste on Facebook, Pinterest, and even g-chat (I won’t even add WordPress here because I consider time spent writing to be time well spent!). Even iwastesomuchtime.com is a much enjoyed method of time-waste-management, to ensure that even if you aren’t getting the work done you need to, you are at least not bored.

So I start this Monday morning off the way I start most mornings. A quick check of facebook and gmail, maybe a couple of short conversations with people about how the weekend was, a quick scan of wordpress, sometimes news sites are sprinkled throughout, and then, finally, I feel prepared to start the day.

How are your time-wasting/management abilities? Do you get straight to the point, or take your time combing through the distractions before you can get to work?

One response to “I waste so much time

  1. I include reading a ton of blogs as one of my biggest time sink 😛

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