Graveyard Walk

Here’s a shot from last week’s photography lesson. We were wandering through a graveyard in Neukolln, in the southern portion of Berlin, and it was a bitter cold day. This graveyard, however, was filled with all varieties of headstones, statues,  trees and plants, and most noticeably against the stark white contrast, color.

And in some corners all you could see was green against the white backdrop. Whether it was carefully tended, or simply overgrown, I do not know, (I’m a bit of a plant novice as well,) but I do know that despite that “I’m in a graveyard” kind of feeling I always have, it was quite a beautiful scene, even on a shockingly cold Berlin winter’s day.



4 responses to “Graveyard Walk

  1. That is beautiful. Hardly looks like a graveyard at all!

  2. Gorgeous pic! Seems like I should’ve signed up for a photography class together with you!

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