Time to Catch up with Resolutions from Last Year

Remember last year, when you wrote down a list of all the things you planned to accomplish in 2012? Like running a 10k, or finding a new job, or finally going through all those old bills you have which no longer serve a purpose? Do you remember feeling inspired, like you could really get it done? And then, do you remember watching as the clock ticked down on the last day of December thinking, well, there’s always next year!

Well here is next year! A chance to do it all again, or more likely, for the first time! So as I start the new year, telling people that “I don’t do resolutions” and feeling like I am above it all and don’t need a new year to force me to do the things that I already wanted to do anyway, I am finally taking action on all my “not resolutions”…from last year!

For starters, I have always wanted a personal trainer. I don’t need to write another post about getting one, since you all already know I am struggling my way through intensely painful leg and arm movements today, (why did I ever think I was in reasonably good shape?!). Check! I also wanted to become fluent in German. Okay, I can’t exactly check that off my list, but at least I am re-committing myself to the language classes I’ve already been taking for over a year now. I show up! That counts for something, right?

Let’s add a sprinkle of blogging regularly to the mix. Guilty! I have not been so good at this lately. But I think I deserve at least a B+ for effort! I promise (not resolve) to be better about it. Just need to write when the inspiration comes. Like on a freezing cold Sunday afternoon when I’ve just discovered a hole in my woolen sock.

There's a hole in my...sock...dear Lila dear Lila!

There’s a hole in my…sock…dear Lila dear Lila!

I’ve also got an eclectic mix of running a half marathon, traveling, being better at gift-giving, and, naturally, learning Serbian tossed in. While the running and traveling are (seemingly) coming more naturally to me these days, my Serbian remains at a steadfast zero. But I’m pretty sure you can’t just marry into a Serbian family and not speak the language.

Last thing on my list, well for today at least, is certainly this whole photoshop/photography thing that I’ve been wanting to explore for years now. I can’t blame this on 2012, or 2011, or even the year before, but either on my fear of failure, or lack of expendable funds to sign up for a class. That’s not to say I’m suddenly rolling in dough, but I did finally decide to shell out to explore a passion of mine.

You most certainly cannot call me unambitious! So we’ll see how this whole Not Resolutions thing works out for 2013.

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