Berlin, the Land of Plenty

When trying to figure out a plan for the weekend, there is never a dull moment in Berlin. From the recent Fashion Week parties and shows, to new restaurants (especially of the “Pop Up” variety) to celebrity sightings checking into the SoHo House, even to the disastrous “Berlin” silent film accompanied by left of center music events, Berlin has it all.

This is never more evident than when I do something different from my normal routine. Not just deciding to take the U-Bahn to work instead of the tram, but going to an event or place I’ve read about, which seems to be the at the height of cool, and experiencing yet another side of Berlin.

Last night I joined to friends from work to see a Balkan Ska Band called RotFront play at Kaffee Burger on Torstrasse. They are most famously known for their jingle “Gay, Gypsy, and Jewish”, check it out if you have a chance! If it had been my very first rodeo, I might have been utterly confused by the description of the music, but since I’ve been around the block a few times, I knew I was in for a night of sweaty bodies jumping in a not-so-logical and men taking their shirts of to share the sweat with everyone.


Okay, that sounds terrible, and if you were dead sober and hated the music, it very well may have been. But really, the band was fantastic and the energy in the bar was amazing. People were jumping up and down and sweating their asses off in the middle of a 20 degree night in the frozen tundra of Berlin because you couldn’t NOT jump up and down listening to these guys, (maybe you would only jump a little less if you were stupid enough, like me, to wear high heels to such an event!)

But really, between the kick ass trombone player, the exceptionally short singer, and rather good looking and talented sax player, it was one of those experiences that reminded me I am lucky to live in such a dynamic and energetic city.

4 responses to “Berlin, the Land of Plenty

  1. I LOVED the polka ska we watched together. Great memories =) Will also write about it soon

    • That was such a fun night. This reminded me so much of you, but it was a different band. I love this polka balkan ska revolution that seems to be taking place!

  2. I love me some Ska music – these guys sound fun!

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