Moving In

So as some of you know or remember, I recently got engaged in early December. In all the excitement of the engagement we realized living in separate cities wasn’t really going to work for us. In all fairness, we decided this a few months back…maybe even years…but now was the time to make it a reality.

While I flew across the Atlantic to the far side of the United States for Christmas, on what seemed like an endless number of flights, my fiance packed up a moving van of all his belongings (except for his shoes, skis, sheets, and other odds and ends that were temporarily left behind in Zurich,) and drove the 10 hours home to Berlin.


In Berlin he was greeted by 2 guys we had gotten in touch with previously who helped him unload the van into the apartment for a small fee. I can’t imagine how much work went into that day (yes, this all happened in ONE DAY,) but I am grateful that he was able to take care of everything and my obviously weak body, (see previous post about hiring a personal trainer,) was not forced to lift heavy boxes. When did I become such a girl?

I digress…so A is now officially sitting in Berlin. Well, more realistically sleeping in Berlin, working in Berlin, cooking in Berlin, (this is one of my favorite things he does here!) and making a life for himself us here.

And here comes the fun part, (or is it?) figuring out what else we need in the apartment, how can we make it feel home for us both, where do we hang that painting or photo, who gets to unload the dishwasher once its complete, and the “why do you always leave [object name here] on the couch/chair/floor/bed/bathtub? Ah the joys of moving in with someone and learning all their little idiosyncracies and quirks. (Actually, I found quite a true blog post from Lofty Appetite about this very same topic recently!)

living-together-testSo in the weeks that follow the initial move, and all the weeks and months and years to come, let’s hope love keeps us strong and the adjustment period fades quickly 🙂

5 responses to “Moving In

  1. You’re pretty adaptable, and have made bigger adjustments than this, you two will be fine 🙂

  2. love this post and the little drawing about the glass….go with your gut and you can never go wrong!

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