Seeing the World Below

We arrived in Gili Trawangan after what felt like two long days of travel, (in fact, it almost was!) and were grateful to wake up with the morning sunshine and have breakfast on our private patio. Granted “breakfast” was not quite what we hoped for – read, 1 egg between two slices of bread – but still it was nice to be outdoors in the sun awaiting the day’s events to unfold- which for the moment were planned to be lots of lying in the sun catching a tan.

We wandered down to the beach and found a minimally rocky area to lay our towels and heavy bodies down. The beaches in Gili are unbelievably beautiful, the views lay clear to Bali and the mountainous and volcanic terrain of nearby Lombok, and the color of the ocean water is crystal blue. The only downside was the broken bits of coral littering the beach, so you had to be quite careful when entering the water or you were bound to stub a toe or sustain some other kind of toe damage.

The sun would grow hot and our stomachs would grow hungry so around midday every day we’d wander the single road that runs through the outer edge of the island in search of some shelter from the sun and island goodness to fill us up. On that first day we wandered to different dive shops in search of the perfect mixture of fun and diving where A could continue his 12 years of diving and I could have my (gasp!) first experience!

We finally settled on the small, but wonderful, Diversia Dive Shop. What an amazing choice we made! Every person on staff was so friendly and helpful and laid back. We found ourselves wandering to the shop even on days when we had nothing scheduled just for the laughs and good company.

So the holiday became not just about sun, but also about me learning to dive – a goal which had terrified me for many years, but I was finally determined to accomplish!

To be continued…

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