Rockin’ Osaka

After a long week of traveling throughout Tokyo and Kyoto, (long in the sense of dizzying jet-lag and nonstop walking,) we headed to Osaka for our last night in Japan. Unfortunately, we didn’t leave ourselves much time, but still managed to cover quite a bit of ground in the 24 hours we had until flight time.

Osaka is known most famously for its Octopus Balls (Octopus meat rolled into ball shape and fried, get your mind out of the gutter!) While I did not eagerly partake, my travel partner certainly did!

Osaka also has a famous district known as “Dontonburi” where all the bright lights of the world seem to converge in a 20 block radius. There are restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, shops, etc all within these streets and your head is swimming from the brightness of it all. There is even an “American Section” complete with cowboy and rap star paraphernalia.

We managed to wander back and forth through the streets, trying to seek out some Kobe beef (which is ominously absent in Osaka) and settled for some omelette-esque fare instead, (though most often I would “settle” for fried noodles!)

We even made some new friends – some of the American/European/College kid clueless about life variety, and some of the “this would be completely racist in any other country” variety.

After walking and eating to our hearts’ content, it was time to say good bye to beautiful, unique, and crazy Japan. Good bye to the friendly people, the shy English, the bizarre and often delicious foods, and the hi-tech toilets found everywhere. So we bid adieu with promises to return in the future.


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