Another Runner’s First – Rainy Days

So I recently celebrated an anniversary…well a couple really. My birthday just passed last week, 27 years (crazy!) And It has been two years since I first left New York for Paraguay. It’s also been about two years since I started this blog and, of course, since I started running!

Actually its quite crazy to think of all the firsts I’ve experienced in the last couple of years, in particular. Moving out of my NYC apartment, quitting my long-time job at an Advertising Agency, moving to South America to become a volunteer, following my passion to save animals, being offered full time employment by the WWF, moving to Germany, learning German, etc.

Nonetheless, life continues to be filled with first experiences. I guess that’s what keeps me going everyday, knowing I have yet to discover the undiscovered!

My most recent first was just the other day. I’ve been super motivated lately to keep get in shape and stay fit, and have been trying to stay as active as possible, whether it be biking to work everyday, running when I get home, high intensity weight and cardio exercises in my living room, (which I’m sure my neighbor downstairs must love!) or attending weight or spinning classes at the gym. So despite feeling utterly exhausted from all the traveling and socializing lately, I finally motivated myself to get out for a run around 9 pm the other night, to catch the last rays of sunshine, (did you know that in the Berlin summer the day stays light until about 10:30 PM?!) I reminded myself how good I would feel after a nice run, since I haven’t been able to fit much in the last week or two while I was traveling in Paraguay, and put on my Vibrams and workout gear and headed downstairs.

I exited my building only to discover that the (very uneven) cobblestones were wet. It had begun to rain. I literally stood on the edge of the doorway for a solid 3 minutes debating if I should just call it quits and head back inside and then remembered what someone had told me recently, “We aren’t made of sugar,” and said what the hell, I’m gonna get sweaty running anyway, might as well let some natural water mix in!

Fernando Mastrangelo’s Sculpture made of Sugar (a.k.a. my impression of what would happen to me if I ran in the rain)

So for the first time in my relatively short running career I opted to run in the rain. It may not sound like such a big accomplishment, but actually it felt very liberating! It was the first time I was able to see through the raindrops to the workout that lay beyond. Rather than assuming a summer must be filled with gorgeous outdoor runs, otherwise I’m doomed to the treadmill at my gym, I realized I can actually make due with inclement weather. It actually even made me reconsider my gym membership, (well for the summer at least!)

So in light of this personal achievement, here’s to another two years of firsts!


6 responses to “Another Runner’s First – Rainy Days

  1. I don’t mind running in the rain… but I don’t like to warm-up in it. Once I’m out and it rains I don’t mind.

    • Anywhere Home

      Now that I’ve done it I realize it’s actually not so bad! I’m going to be sweaty anyway, and I think my Vibrams dry pretty quickly (maybe quicker than regular sneakers anyway) so it’s no longer a good excuse not to go for a run 😉

  2. I like running in the rain. I prefer it to running in high temperatures. The only thing is when I get home I can’t tell where the rain stops and my sweat begins!

    • Anywhere Home

      That’s true, it’s much more difficult to run with the sun in my eyes and 85+ degrees! The rain was a bit easier, though I was nervous at first about slipping on all the cobblestone and stone sidewalks here (not so much pavement or gravel as back in the states!) But overall I held up ok 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Congrats on another first. And on actually motivating yourself to do something in the rain, something I’m not always good at myself 🙂 As long as the weather isn’t torrential, a run in the rain does sound kind of nice!

    • Anywhere Home

      Yeah, I guess really there is nothing to be afraid of, it’s just water! And it still beats a treadmill!

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