On the road again

I spend so much time traveling sometimes I wonder if I can even keep up with it. The year started “slow” with a trip back from New York over New Years to Berlin sometime in the second week in January. After a restful February without any flights anywhere, I began to move again in March making my way to Madrid and London. Then came April where my mom and I got to know Istanbul, Pammukale, and Selcuk in Turkey. May brought on a long flight to Asuncion, Paraguay and with June came Rome, Paris, and another trek down to Asuncion.

I sometimes wonder if there’s even any point in having a home in Berlin at all, given that I am hardly ever there, (thank god for good friends who are happy to water my plants or should I be thanking the gray and rainy summer weather they’ve been having lately?)

Last year I remember feeling so depressed at the weather situation in Europe. A summer filled with rain clouds and constant wetness made me second guess my decision to live in the wilds of Germany. And so I made a vow to spend as much time outside of the country (or continent) as possible this year, given my assumption that it would be the same as before. So far I have kept my promise (and Europe has seemingly delivered!)

While I am excited for a few weeks back in Berlin, mostly to test ride my new bike which has been waiting patiently for me for about a month now, I will be happy to get on the road again in late July to wherever the road may take me.


2 responses to “On the road again

  1. I think you’re traveling for all of us! It’s wonderful to hear about your adventures.

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