Breakfast in Paris

Here we are on Day 7 of our mini Euro trip. After much searching, and even more eating, we’ve been mostly disappointed with the food in both Rome and Paris, (how is that possible?!)

One thing, however, that we’ve found to be consistently delicious, is the Pan au Chocolate from any French Patisserie we pass along the way. I introduce the best Parisian breakfast!


Can anyone help us out of our mediocre food rut?

5 responses to “Breakfast in Paris

  1. Rome, I can understand, but disappointed with Paris food? Yes, it is easy to find ordinary food in Paris, but with a good guidebook and a bit of experience good food at a keen price is not too hard to find! Im so sorry you’ve been disappointed – I find Rick Steve’s guidebooks are pretty reliable for food

    • Anywhere Home

      I know- I have been so disappointed and know there is good food out there just alluding me! Will have to plan better next time…and thanks for the guide book reco, starting to grow tired of Lonely Planet!

    • Anywhere Home

      It is so good! I am eating one a day 🙂

  2. You can never go wrong with a Pan au Chocolate! I haven’t seen one of these on my travels so far… thanks for reminding me of their yumminess. I need to get back to Europe!

  3. I can’t believe you called it a mini-trip.

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