In the Wake of Theft, The Adventure Begins Again

This is an update to the Bike Theft incident of a month and a half ago. I came home from a business trip to London to discover my precious 2011 Specialized Vita Sport had been stolen from my courtyard. As a cautious person, who normally locks my bike indoors for extended periods of time, you can imagine how devastated I was to find that it was gone. I posted signs in my building and around the neighborhood, I filed a police report, but still had no chance, in a city where 50,000 bikes are stolen a year, of finding it.

So I began the hunt for the “perfect” replacement. I went back and forth daily between buying a cheap, used bike or an expensive new one. While I know logically it makes sense to buy a cheaper bike so there is less risk of it being stolen, I knew in my heart I wouldn’t have as much fun riding on a bike that didn’t ride as smooth as butter, (that’s right, butter!)

At one point I settled on a beautiful CUBE, (a gorgeous German bike brand,) and confidently marched into the store, credit card in hand and ready to purchase, only to discover it was over 2 kilos (about 5 lbs) more than my former ride and was just not worth the extra $$ to up the weight! (For those who are not as familiar with cycling, the lighter weight the bike, the more expensive it is.)

Coulda Been Mine – if not for the 13.5 Kilos!

So after many long, internal debates and frustrated searches, I finally found a dealer near my apartment, Pedalum Mobile, that specializes in…(drum roll, please) Specialized! I walked in and felt happy as I saw the walls were lined with the most beautiful bikes of the highest caliber, (or pretty damn close to it!) I took the men’s version of the bike I adore, the Sirrus, for a test ride and was thrilled at how lightweight and easy to ride it was.

After commenting to the salesmen, (who humored me in German, and then told me that my German was great but we could switch to English if I preferred, since it was also his mother tongue!) that I wished I could just buy the same bike again, he told me he could make magic happen and order the bike I dreamed of to arrive 3 days later!

So here we are 3 (business) days later and I just got the call that my new 2012 Specialized Vita Sport is waiting with open arms…and spokes…for me at the shop! Can’t wait to go pick it up!!


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