What I Learned About Planting

Here are some of the key takeaways I learned through this process of planting on my balcony. Some may seem more comon-sensical than others, please reserve your judgement for someone else, (I’m a first-timer!)

  • Buy enough soil to fill the planters
  • Buy a watering can of some kind
  • Measure your planting space ahead of time so you know how much room you have to work with
  • Determine what kinds of planters, boxes, etc you want to display
  • Figure out if your balcony (or garden area) is sunny, shady, partial sun, windy, etc
  • Determine the types of flowers or plants that work well with the above-mentioned conditions
  • Come up with some type of arrangement in your mind before you purchase – this can be at home or at the store, but you don’t want to come back home with 35 separate plants to fill a space that fits 10
  • Buy gloves and a shovel! While this isn’t 100% necessary, I found that it was way more complicated without these tools than it seemed to be for my neighbor who was planting hers at the same time
  • Layer soil under the plants, and once you’ve placed them, surround them with the fresh soil
  • Water the plants every day for the first couple of weeks
  • Don’t put too much soil in the planter (as I’ve done) as it will overflow every time you water it!
  • Water the plants at night – this is for a number of reasons, 1) the plant can absorb the water overnight as opposed to drying out in the heat of the day, 2) there are less likely to be people walking 5 stories below on the ground when the water overflows out of the boxes! (Oops!)
  • Wait until your neighbors are all asleep for the night to sweep the remaining dirt off your balcony to the ground below!
  • Sit on your balcony or in your garden everyday after planting to enjoy the beautiful results of your hard work!

Hope this inspires you to do some planting of your own 😉



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