Sporadic Posting – Please Forgive My Sins

Ah, sporadic blog posting. How I hate you! I might as well take the time to explain the lack of posts lately. Life has truly gotten in the way!

A couple of weeks ago I had my lovely mother here in Berlin! We first traveled to Turkey for 6 days to explore Istanbul, Pamukkale, Elphesus, and Selcuk. Then we spent endless days wandering the streets of Berlin and Potsdam. We shopped, we ate, we drank Prosecco, and we learned a bit about Berlin history. (I promise a post is to come about Turkey, which is a truly amazing country!)

Next stop, Paraguay. I traveled back down to my old romping grounds for a week’s worth of stimulating (and exhausting) meetings. And let me tell you, what a looooooooong trip it is from Berlin to Paraguay! There is no way to get there in less than 2 stops. First stop – Frankfurt, second stop – Sao Paulo, and then off to Asuncion. Returning can be even more complicated as sometimes you need to touch down before you even reach Brazil! All in all, 22 hours of travel takes a long time to recover from (even despite my optimism after day 1 when I believed I had already adjusted back to the “normal” time zone and in fact was more exhausted than I’ve ever been!)

So here I am, back in Berlin, almost 1 week to my return, and I finally feel like my muscles are not about to collapse, or my eyes close 1 hour after I first open them. And the shakey feeling that I might be getting a cold is not haunting me every morning when I wake up.

So, good riddance jet lag and crazy travel schedule! (For a few weeks at least.) And hello blog world. I have missed you so!


2 responses to “Sporadic Posting – Please Forgive My Sins

  1. I’ve been having the same sporadic posting problem lately, but not because I’m going to exotic lands. (Though I will be soon!!) I forgive you, but I want to hear all about TURKEY!

    • Anywhere Home

      Well, it’s better to post when the inspiration hits, at least, rather than boring readers with half-baked posts… we may be on to something

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