No Pants Parties Every Day!

Anything goes when you live alone. Really, anything. In fact, sometimes I think it might be hard to return to the reality of living around others since I am so ingrained in my own little world here.

For example, I leave clothes in the dryer as long as I want. And every time I need a new thing to wear, I remember what’s in the dryer waiting for me, and I pull it out and put it on. Also, I can eat 10 cookies in a row with no one watching and no one to stare at me in disgust, (except my stomach who glares and me and spends the rest of the night growling in discomfort.)

I don’t close doors when I use the bathroom or shower. I can cook or eat meals at any random hour I choose. I can play music as loud as I want, or on repeat ad nauseum without bothering anyone else. I take baths ALL THE TIME wasting hours at a time, no one knocks or asks me to hurry up.

Other benefits of living alone that I may or may not take advantage of; I can cook smelly foods at any time, (but really unless pasta and tomato sauce is smelly, I don’t do this often!) No pants parties happen at regular intervals…basically anytime you walk in the door. Body temperature can be regulated based on your personal preferences, (see, space heaters or fans, or giant oversized blankets that can be carried room to room.)

What do you do when you live alone?

One response to “No Pants Parties Every Day!

  1. I come in the house and the clothes come off. It’s definitely my favorite perk of living alone. That and I can talk to my cats without anyone else hearing. I also enjoy listening to the same song on repeat sometimes, without having to drive anyone else crazy, or watch marathons of weird shows (or even having them as background noise) with no one else to comment on it.

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