Spinning for Beginners, Trying Something New!

So I finally got around to taking a Spinning class at the gym, known here as “Cycling”. It was Sunday evening, 6 PM, and after all my talk about wanting to change up my gym routine, I figured I might as well go ahead with it!

Spin Master!

I made my way to the gym closest to my house, (I have a universal pass so I can use any of the 6 gyms around Berlin whenever I feel like working out,) and got my Spin pass (popular class so you have to get there at least a half hour early.) Since I had some time to kill before the class started, I decided to hop on the treadmill and get in a quick 10 minutes to warm my body up. I was feeling good.

The class before us ended and we were able to enter the workout room and rearrange the spin-cycles. I found a perfect balance where I could see the teacher, see myself in the mirror, and stay wayyyyyy far back in the room so no one else would pay attention to me.

The teacher came in and asked if this was anyone’s first time. Unfortunately by the time I had figured out what she asked, (in German,) it was too late to awkwardly volunteer in broken German that I was a first timer. So I stuck to praying I would make it out all right, (I kid. I kid.)

The class started with some upbeat tunes and I got into a rhythm on this strange machine. It’s not like the normal bikes at the gym, it feels much more like a real bicycle and you can shift the “gears” to add more or less resistance as you see fit. I was busy watching everyone around me to make sure I was understanding the teacher ok, but for the most part I had a ton of energy.

As we went through the 50 minute routine of speeding up, slowing down, standing, sitting, etc etc etc, I felt like I was flying. I had so much energy I could still burn, and the teacher could even see it – so she kept coming over and increasing the resistance on my bike. You can’t keep me down, woman! I was a force to be reckoned with. Lookout cycling gods!

The class winded down and I have to say I felt great! Almost 5 months of running had more than adequately prepared me for 50 minutes of spinning, and I guess all the months of commuting by bike must have helped too. I really felt invigorated after the workout. I think it mostly had to do with not having to suffer the usual boredom I feel when I run on the treadmill with nothing to distract me but my own thoughts and music, (which now sounds repetitive. Note to self: make new playlist for gym!)

I will definitely incorporate Spinning into my regular gym routine as its always nice (and good for the body) to change it up a bit and train some new muscles. But I must admit, I’m afraid I had a bit of beginner’s luck and maybe the next one won’t be so easy! Will let you know how round two goes.


2 responses to “Spinning for Beginners, Trying Something New!

  1. My head is spinning thinking about this. Then again, I did my first yoga class tonight in nearly 9 months, and it was amazing. We’ll see if I can walk tomorrow, but as of today I was still just as flexible as I was last summer. Also, on an unrelated note, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award! I’m trying to spread the good word of Anywhere Home because I love your posts 🙂


  2. Where in Berlin did you find a spinning class? I’m still searching..thank you!

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