Hot Cocoa and a Spot of…Sunshine?

The weather in Berlin has been fantastically bizarre. One day there are clear skies and sunshine, the next gray clouds and plummeting temperatures. There is really no easy way to tell if you need to layer up, or wear easily peal-away-able clothing. And generally from the time you leave your house to the time you get wherever you’re going, the temperature has most likely changed.

It was one such sunday when I met a friend for brunch in Prenzlauer Berg. We headed for Zuckerfee on Griefenhagener Strasse 15 for their promise of pancakes and waffles – for brunch! (I know this seems normal to most of the Anglo-Saxon world, but in Germany it is not.)

We placed our orders and received our meal on typical Berlin brunch towers. Think 3 tiers filled with layers of pancakes, breads, cheeses, and fruits. Only this time there was also syrup and some type of blackberry sauce to drown our pancakes in.

I’ll be honest here, the food was OKAY, but not the best I’ve ever had. Some of these brunch places really do an equisite job of displaying food and giving the highest quality and cuts of meat and cheese, etc, but for the most part the typical brunch is pretty much the same wherever you go, varying only in the types of dishes the food is served on. That’s not to say I wouldn’t go back here. It definitely tasty, I’m just saying there wasn’t anything particularly unique or exceptional about it.

After we finished our brunch, we decided to wander around the gloriously sunny and warm streets of a spring morning in Berlin. Errr, wait, wasn’t it sunny and warm when we entered the cafe? As we exited, a cold gust of wind blew through our hair and stung our noses and we thought, well, it should still be warm enough to sit outside for another coffee, or hot chocolate so we made our way towards Kollwitzplatz. My favorite, Anna Blume, was packed to the brim (with shivering patrons) and so we found a nice spot in the sunshine across the way at Kaffeehaus Sowohlalsauch.

Perhaps we should have taken a sign from the customers doubling up on the restaurant-provided blankets, but we still had high hopes for those slivers of sunshine peering through the ever enclosing cloud cover. We ordered our hot drinks, I opted for a hot chocolate to try and steal some sugary warmth, and waited as our fingers grew numb.

While the drinks were delicious, mine even came with an overflowing mound of whipped cream, after about 30 minutes on the cold and cloudy corner, we had to call it quits and escape to warmer grounds. Our respective beds!

Almost too cold to enjoy my cocoa!

4 responses to “Hot Cocoa and a Spot of…Sunshine?

  1. that hot cocoa looks amazing!!



  2. Sounds like British weather!

    That drink looked fantastic. I always go for black coffee (boring me), but the Mrs goes for that kind of massive creamy mass.

    Hope you get a chance to see the sun this weekend. Be quick!

  3. Yesterday we had torrential rains (I’ve never heard it so hard, kept waiting for it to poke holes in the roof) and I, too, hid in the warmth of my bed. Reminds me of that time you and I got caught in the rain in Berlin going to the restaurant. Wasn’t it nice out earlier? What a laugh.

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