Saying Goodbye…

Before I came to Berlin I fell in love with my brand new Specialized Vita Sport bike, (which you can read about here,) which I had full intention of speeding along the streets of Berlin on in winter, spring, summer, and fall. And so I did! Not so much in the winter, as it’s just too cold for bike riding, but all through the spring, summer, and fall my bike was by my side (or sadly chained up to a pole somewhere waiting for my return!)

My Faithful Friend

Now I am writing a post to say goodbye, as this beauty was stolen from my courtyard about a week ago. Without so much as a ransom note  😦

Goodbye, my friend, you will be are sorely missed!


3 responses to “Saying Goodbye…

  1. That is so sad! I hope you can post a story in a few days saying that the bike has been recovered!

    • I so wish so too…looks like a long shot though. About 50,000 bikes are stolen in Berlin a year. Just have to get better locks next time, or bring it up 5 flights when I get home at night!

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