A Pot of Tea, Please!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love tea. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it started. I have memories of hanging at my friend Laura’s house in the Bahamas and her preparing a hot tea with milk and sugar. Having never really been a tea drinker, I took a skeptical sip and declared, “that is delicious!” For the rest of that trip I insisted she prepare me a tea exactly as she did her own every morning when I woke up. (Thanks, Laura!)

I also have memories of ordering Té con Leche throughout Spain and Argentina when I was in the university. It was almost problematic how much I loved the steamy, foamy milk, but I continue to sip away, nonetheless.

Now that I am living in Germany, however, I find myself in the second country over the last year or two that doesn’t quite get tea. Of course you can go to specialty tea shops and purchase loose leaf tea from China or Japan, but what about the delicious pre-packaged brands that I can steap and enjoy while at work or home? I’ve gone through about 10 different brands, trying all different kinds of tea, hoping to find “the one” but have yet to discover it. It simply does not exist for mass consumption! And I have suffered through many mediocre, or worse, teas in the meantime.

So now that I am in London, I have gratefully acknowledged the potential for delicious tea consumption. And also realized that perhaps I could fulfill my long time desire to purchase a teapot! This is perhaps the truest indication that I am now an adult. I would prefer to have my tea served from a teapot rather than poured directly from the kettle into my cup.

As luck would have it, I was recommended to go to Whittard, a famous tea shop in London, where I finally found the teapot of my dreams! And you can be sure I purchased enough Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea to last me a few months.

Hello, Gorgeous!

4 responses to “A Pot of Tea, Please!

  1. Great addition to your kitchen! Congrats, and happy steeping!

  2. Lovely teapot, Whittards is a great shop.

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