Sunday Pie

So after enjoying a delicious brunch at Cafe Anna Blume with a friend on Sunday, and wandering around Kollwitzplatz with Lotte, we were craving something sweet.

The unfailingly delicious brunch tower at Anna Blume!

Not wanting to go back and fight the crowds at Anna Blume once again for a piece of delicious cake, we decided to wander back near my place and test out the delicious pies of Zwei Fur Allerlei on Pappelallee 15 in Prenzlauer Berg, once again.

You may remember the last time I ventured in there I tried out the Chocolate Banana Pie. And while it was delicious and fresh and different, it wasn’t my favorite banana pie ever. So I was eager to test out something new this time.

While my friend was eager to try out the Pear Whiskey Chocolate Pie, (which I thought sounded like the worst dessert on the planet,) I was craving the Marshmallow Cream Pie. Lucky for us both, they were out of our two chosen pies, and we were forced to select two completely different, but equally delicious options.

Pie Number 1: Blueberry

While the photo of this pie does not look like the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, the pie was DELICIOUS! They served it warm and the teeny tiny blueberries inside were packed with a juicy, sweet flavor. This slice was not too sweet either, but just perfectly yummy. I might dream about this in the days to come.

Pie Number 2: Chocolate Cherry Cream

Wow. The rating for this pie was AMAZING. It was a layer of bittersweet chocolate followed by pure cherries and perhaps even a little cherry jam of sorts, and then followed by a light and slightly sweet layer of cream. It looks as amazing as it tasted! Not to mention the hot kiss they placed on top.

I’d have to say my second experience at this little Prenzlauer Berg Pie Shop was much better than my first, and the first was really good – so I’m convinced I’ll need to test this place out many times in the future (and try out ever option they have on the menu!)


2 responses to “Sunday Pie

  1. Mmm… is it socially acceptable to eat pie at 9:48am? I might do it… or I’ll bake my own, and by the time it’s done it should be dessert time 🙂

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