Oozing Chocolate

One thing Berlin has no shortage of is coffee and cake shops. They are EVERYWHERE! Seriously, on every street corner. But don’t mistake a cake shop for a bakery, because somehow that’s quite different. And mostly offers just pastries and (bad) croissants and perhaps small, individually prepared not-that-pretty-looking cakes.

So anyway, I’ve walked down my street a number of times and keep passing by this hidden little cafe that always looks so pretty from the outside. Well, that’s an overstatement – it looks mostly like a hidden cafe in a typical Berlin building, but they have nice patio furniture with cushioned seats outside and a discreet name of the shop in the window, (no awning, strange.) Anyway, it’s called Zwei fur Allerlei, it’s on Pappelallee in Prenzlauer Berg, and I finally wandered in to see what it’s all about.

Discreet, yet elegant.

I walked inside and was instantly pleased by the atmosphere. There were small sitting areas and couches strategically placed throughout. And, of course, a beautifully decorated cake display. I found a seat looking out on the cafe and with space next to the window to watch the world go by.

My view of the world within

Since it was a rather chilly day, I needed something to warm me up, so I opted for a pot of Earl Gray, and spent some time analyzing the cake options.

So many choices!

And they all look good too 😉

So I opted for the Banana Chocolate Pie. Who doesn’t love bananas and chocolate?? (Okay, well maybe a lot of people, but I do!)

Look at how the chocolate oozes over the top of the cake…mmm

So the cake was, naturally, delicious! But I will admit, it’s a bit different than I expected, (picture me in my kitchen just a few years ago mashing up bananas in a blender and putting whipped cream on top – voila banana cream pie!) but the flavors were really nice and I would definitely stop in again for a cozy atmosphere and a little something different.




2 responses to “Oozing Chocolate

  1. It looks so homey, kind of like a living room rather than a cafe. I guess that’s the appeal. Please try all the flavors of pie so that I can be better informed as to what’s best, should I ever make it there myself 🙂

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