Brunch in Friedrichshain – Orange Coffee

I have been trying to expand my brunching horizons since moving to Berlin, since ironically most of my favorites are within about a 5-10 minute walk of my apartment. Coincidence? I think not.

So today I set out to brunch in Friedrichshain. I spent some time looking online to find reviews on some popular English speaking Berlin Websites, (such as Unlike Berlin and ExBerliner,) and then found some random ExPat bloggers who write about everywhere they eat in the city. And there is no shortage of material to write about since there are so many good options and new restaurants and cafes keep popping up all the time.

For today’s culinary experiment, I chose Orange Coffee on Voigtstrasse in Friedrichshain.

The place is cute and relatively small, though they have several tables large enough for groups of people. It is the typical Berlin style cafe/coffee shop where there is a large menu over the counter of what you can choose, or you can take your seat first and a waitress will take your order, (or they make exceptions for clueless foreigners…either way!)

So they had the “Orange Coffee Special Breakfast” on the menu, which sounded enticing enough to choose with fresh squeezed OJ. While Europeans, (and basically anyone outside of the U.S.,) do not know how to do pre-packaged OJ well, they definitely know how to do fresh squeezed! But the brunch was the “standard” Berlin-type brunch where you get a plate filled with different options of meat, cheese, fruits, veg, butter, and spreads along with some yummy German bread to make your own concoctions.

Let’s get a closer look at that plate, shall we?

So I will be honest here. The plate looks fantastic, theoretically it is all perfect, but realistically it was a bit disappointing. I may just be growing tired of the typical mixed plate of the same toppings that you find at any cafe in Berlin, or maybe the quality of this bread was just not as high as at other places I’ve been to, but I don’t think I would rush back here for a “unique” dining experience. If I was in the neighborhood and looking for a bit to eat, I’d certainly consider stopping in again…but traveling the distance from P-Berg may not have been worth it, (especially when I have Cafe Anna Blume in my backyard!)

One response to “Brunch in Friedrichshain – Orange Coffee

  1. yummmm, Cafe Anna Blume! Now THAT was a wonderful brunching experience.

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