My Morning Fix

Vending machines have long since been a phenomenon of the modern world. I remember the tech guys at my ad agency in New York slaving away over the latest and greatest Samsung vending machine they were developing with helpful decision-making information and calorie counters, etc. And it’s no longer a surprise that you can find goodies such as ice cream,  iPods, or hot chocolate in various machines worldwide.

So I was running late and feeling hungover, err exhausted, yesterday morning on my way to brunch, so I decided to take a chance with a coffee vending machine (the sugar was already included!) at the S-Bahn station. The machine looked inviting enough, though I’m not sure if you can see how happy the woman on the machine is through the bright glare of underground lighting.

The Ultimate Coffee To Go

So I debated for a while between a double espresso and a Milch Caffee, (coffee with milk – but it sounds better in German.) And finally decided that espresso might make me nauseous, but that milk is always a good idea when your stomach is uneasy…ummmm. So I went to make my choice, and on closer inspection discovered this:

Klare Fleischsuppe???

For those of you unfamiliar with the German language, that last option is offering Clear Beef Broth. On a coffee machine. Um, what???

So I obviously went for the broth instead of coffee. Kidding, kidding. I stuck with my coffee, but am still confused.

4 responses to “My Morning Fix

  1. Dinner and coffee. It’s called German efficiency. LOL. 🙂

    • I may just have to pay closer attention now to all the people with “coffee cups” in their hands on the SBahn. I know their secret…

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