I’m Buzzing

I’ve been getting back into my gym stride. I took yet another two weeks “break” as I had some strange feverish affliction a couple of weeks ago, followed by an emotional weekend, and lastly a mysterious 4 day calf injury, (I still have no idea where it came from, but I should have been more concerned when I woke up on Monday and couldn’t walk but thought it was perfectly natural to limp every time I managed to drag my ass off the couch to the bathroom or kitchen…)

But all of those things are now a part of my past and I’ve gotten back into the habit as of Sunday. And what a welcome back it was! Maybe the rest did me good, or maybe it was the fact that the gym was virtually empty and I had no time constraints, (until a 6:30 dinner date,) but I managed to knock out 5 miles! A five mile run! Woohoo!!

I have been slowly building my body back up over the last 2.5 months since I joined the gym, to get back into running shape and to not feel like my lungs and thighs will give out every time I make it to the 20 minute marker. Believe me, sometimes I can’t tell if my body can’t handle it, or if my brain is too bored from the lack of stimulation of running on a stationary yet moving platform, but staying on that thing for 50 minutes is a huge accomplishment!

I left the gym feeling elated and promptly ate an entire Pork Schnitzel and washed it down with a pint of Beer as a celebration to my fitness accomplishment for the day. But mostly, I just felt happy that I had pulled off so many miles, which I hadn’t done since last June.

Feeling extra motivated, I headed back to the gym the next day to knock another one out of the park. Unfortunately, there is only so much time between leaving the office and heading to German class, so I only managed to get in a 30 minute run averaging out at 3 miles. [Cue: Record Scratch] What the hell am I talking about? Please re-read that sentence with the following emphasis, “I only MANAGED TO GET IN A 30 MINUTE RUN!!!” (Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with here!) And yesterday I  again looked forward to my date with machinery and pulled off 4.5 miles.

I have to admit, there is something so satisfying about knowing you just kicked your own ass and just pushed yourself a little bit further in your workout. While I may dread going some days, I can never doubt the huge boost it gives me to know I ran my hardest and to feel the endorphins flowing and sore muscles aching for a day or two after. How did it take me so long to appreciate this high?

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