Caught My Attention

I have an addiction. It keeps me up at night. It takes away my concentration during the day. It calls me out of bed earlier in the morning than I generally care to rise.

I am Amanda. And I am a Computeraholic.

I sit at my desk all day in front of the machine writing, or reading, or surfing, or learning, or doing – all on my computer. Then I get home, and as though we have spent years apart on my 20 minute commute home, I throw myself onto the couch, open up the bright and happy interface, and spend hours endlessly looking at it. Reading what I can, searching for things I don’t know, talking to people I don’t even have time to miss because they are always right there in front of me. On my computer.

I find myself crawling into bed at night only to think to myself, “What if I have the urge to write?” or “What if I can’t sleep right away and have to spend ten whole minutes lying in bed with my eyes closed?” quickly followed by, “Maybe I should bring my computer with me…just in case”

To further prove this to you, I have just entered my bedroom and had the hopeful thought that perhaps I would go to bed early, (it is only 9 PM after all,) and just as I was about to settle down I thought, well maybe even though I spent the last 3 hours staring at nothing in particular, maybe now the inspiration to write will hit.

And here we are…


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