The More You Do It, The Easier It Becomes

I’ve noticed with a lot of things in my life lately, the more I do something difficult, the easier it becomes. The clearest examples of this would be a) German class and b) running. While I put on a show about not wanting to go, (okay, it’s not a show, I really don’t want to go!) I get into class every Monday and Wednesday evening and actually feel better about my abilities. The more consistently I show up to class and pay attention and practice speaking, the better I actually feel about speaking when I need to, and formulating sentences, albeit basic ones.

It was nice to sit in class last night and feel like I could follow what the class was doing, and participate actively. In fact, I was participating more than most. I think when I first joined the class in early December, I felt overwhelmed by how much time I had taken off from my studies, (about 4 months,) and felt like I couldn’t possibly catch up. So I sat in class feeling flustered and frustrated with the language, wondering why I was even putting myself through it all. But the last week or two I have felt less overwhelmed in class and am even starting to see the benefit of consistent learning…being that I am, actually, learning!

Running is the same. It’s always difficult to get started…and admittedly even difficult after a couple of months…but it is definitely easier today than it was 2 months ago! And that’s even with a 3 week break in the middle for Christmas, etc. I can relatively easily, and very bored-ly, run 30 minutes on the treadmill. If I keep my pace down I could probably run more in each stint, but I like to up my miles for a lesser amount of time. Plus I don’t think I could stand being on that machine for longer periods of time; I might start to pull my hair out from the boredom!

I guess it’s a testament to the fact that things do get easier with time, as long as you have enough patience and endurance to keep at it.

Don't know why it should feel like this, but it does!


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