The Pig-Dog

In German, there is a thing called a “schweinehund”. This is a simple, one-word description of that feeling you get when you know you SHOULD do something, but your pig-dog, if you will, doesn’t want you to. It is “the enemy inside yourself that makes you passive,”as defined by Urban Dictionary.

You don't scare me, pig-dog!

Ever since I learned this expression, I find I am using it…almost daily. Now I don’t know if suddenly my pig-dog has shown up out of the blue, (unlikely,) or because I finally have an easy way to express exactly how I feel when 6 o’clock rolls around and I desperately don’t want to go to the gym, even though I know “it’s good for me.”

Why is it, I wonder, that we humans have so many things we “should” do and yet have no desire to actually do them? Even when they really are good for us, or feel good once we do them. Back to the gym example – every time I go to the gym, I feel great! I am proud of myself for making it there, I feel good when my body is in motion, and even if I’ve done nothing else in the day but those 30 or so minutes, I feel like I’ve accomplished something huge.

So why the constant struggle to actually get myself there? Can’t I hit the reminder button so I don’t need to go through this every time I have German class? Or have a photography event? Or have a book I enjoy reading, but can’t seem to pick it up again?

How do you fight your inner schweinehund and get going on the things that need to be done?

2 responses to “The Pig-Dog

  1. Generally I talk to my sister and she makes me realize that I’ll have a good experience if I JUST DO IT. She’s usually right.

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