The Communal Shower

When you are done with your workout, it’s a whole new cultural experience of living in Germany. It’s communal shower time!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many naked women in my life. No – this is not a high school boy’s ultimate fantasy – this is real, live, naked women with all the curves, and jelly rolls and sometimes tight calves you can think of. Women of all shapes and sizes come to the gym and proudly march around the locker room. Naked. As though they were born for all to see.

Now, I know this is a cultural difference. From the stories I’ve heard of horrified colleagues being called out by security at campgrounds in the U.S. for “public nudity” when trying to change into their swimsuits for a dip in the lake, I can imagine that this is a totally normal experience. And so I, too, try to pretend like it is the most normal, natural thing in the world to shower in a room with 7 other women.

This is how I felt on the first day

But come on, do you need to stretch when you are in the sauna with others? Or do your makeup in the mirror without a towel?

As I said, I am learning to ignore the fact that I think it’s weird everyone is naked and just “go with the flow”. This may take some more adjusting to than I thought, but at least I’m grateful that I belong to a women’s only gym and don’t have to deal with the co-ed showers and saunas. Phew!


3 responses to “The Communal Shower

  1. you are braver than I, but thanks for the laugh šŸ™‚

  2. I am reminded of the episode of Sex in the City when Charlotte entered the nude sauna…..

  3. This made me laugh out loud! I also remember my first time in a German (East German) sauna…I almost died until I realised no one was even remotely interested in my skinny bod. All these women were sitting around with ENORMOUS boobs and rings of fat, totally at peace with themselves. It taught me an important lesson about feeling right in your own body.

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