Damn, I Feel Like a Woman!

Before choosing a gym, I did my research. I checked out a few locations with different levels of luxury and equipment. But ultimately I settled on JOPP Frauen Fitness. For those of you who are not proficient in German, Frauen means Women. WOMEN. I joined a women’s only gym! Me!

I am not the type of person who prides herself on being a strong woman for the sole reason that I am a woman. Sure, I am proud to be a female, and I look up to female leaders…as much as I look up to male leaders. But overall, I enjoy the company of men. I enjoy watching the occasional sweaty guy at the gym busting his ass, (not the ones who try to impress you with how many weights they can lift, but the ones who are getting a good run in after a long day at work, or who are testing their limits in the spin class.)

I never thought I’d join a gym meant only for the X chromosomes of the world, but now that I’m there, I must admit how great it is! Sure you won’t plan to get any dates out of the experience…or maybe in a city as liberal as Berlin, you will! But that’s besides the point. It is nice to be in a locker room that doesn’t stink. Everyone showers after their workout. Everyone cleans up their mess. The machines are well maintained and wiped down after every person touches them.

That’s not to say women don’t smell. Some do, of course. I’m sure I do too on my less-deodorized days. But overall, the atmosphere in the gym is a clean one…without any grunting or groaning to prove a workout’s worth. And it’s nice to be in a room among peers and people you can reasonably challenge yourself against. When you know that you too can do what they are doing. That’s motivation enough!

Yes, We Can!

And by the way, this is my 200th post!! Thanks for all your love and support! And keep reading 😉

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