To Edit or Not to Edit

I have to admit, if there is one thing I have learned over the last year and a half, (aside from how to live in foreign countries, how to change jobs, how to learn a new language, how to understand foreign real estate markets, etc etc etc) it is that I truly love editing.

I don’t know when it began. I don’t know how it happened, even, but I do know that I am more excited when I have to sit down and edit a 10 page paper for a colleague on a tight deadline than I am about revising a proposal I’ve memorized after the 10th revision. There is something about taking a piece of writing and making it better.

I have the passionate writer inside of me, and I know this may make me sound like a bit of a nerd, but I find fixing words to be an almost mindless pleasure. Not to say it doesn’t take a tremendous amount of thought or care, but that it comes so naturally that it almost feels like it isn’t such difficult work – just satisfying.

So I’ve decided to try and test the waters, in my mother’s editing footsteps; stock up on English grammar books and “how to proof read for dummies” books, and see where I can find some willing souls to let me test my editing genius to see if it really is a talent I can pursue.


One response to “To Edit or Not to Edit

  1. There’s definitely something genetic about this. Maybe we are related after all…

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