Choo Choo at the NY Botanical Gardens

I was recently visiting New York for the holidays and my mom enthusiastically suggested I check out the Train Show at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. While I had no idea what could be so interesting about a “train show” (not much of a locomotive lover myself, just like that it takes me from ‘A’ to ‘B’) I decided it was worth checking out and so my father and I headed over.

I have to say I always find Botanical Gardens to be exciting. I love plants and nature and so being among specific and oftentimes rare species of plants (usually involving bright, happy, inviting colors) makes me happy. We entered the gardens on a freezing day and quickly realized we would only be venturing to the indoor Holiday Special, rather than attempting a walk around the gardens.

Replica of the GW Bridge

Beautiful Buildings Constructed of All Natural Elements

I think it surpassed both my father’s and my expectations. The scenery was gorgeous and every building, every train track, every teeny tiny crevice was so well designed and thought out. It was really a beautiful experience, and even brought back some memories of the old neighborhood for my dad!

Dad With his First Love - The Former Yankee Stadium!

And in case you don’t have time for a trip down south to the island known as Manhattan, I don’t think you can ask for a better view than seeing the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building side by side in nature!

Manhattan's Finest!

I would definitely recommend making the trip out there, (thanks for the tip, Mom!) and plan to go visit again next year!


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