Heirloom Tomatoes Make Me Happy

I finally went to the LPG BioMarkt in Berlin (near Senefelderplatz) a couple of weeks ago to stock up on healthy, organic food options before the holidays. I expected to leave with the usual milk, cheese, bread, vegetables variety of foods – but ended up with almost a pound of colorful, happy, inviting heirloom tomatoes! (BTW – is it weird that every time I read the word tomatoes i think toma – toes… and then wonder who would want to eat it?!)

Like I said...inviting!

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t overlook them and knew that I instantly wanted to eat them. So I went home, and got to chopping.

Chop Chop

Then I sliced up some fresh (although plastic bagged) mozzarella and had a mini balsamic vinegar and Mallorcan olive oil feast!

Yummy Goodness!

The end.


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