A Homecoming Worth Celebrating: There’s No Place Like Home

After a weekend of celebrating and seeing old friends, I was well prepared for the reunions that awaited me at home. I arrived at the Nassau International Airport for my 8:30 AM flight the morning following the wedding, (what was I thinking? Not so sure, but I made it without any problems!) I was lucky enough to be on the same ‘going to our honeymoon’ flight as Laura and Benji and had my last-minute fill of the Pinders before separating in Fort Lauderdale, where I boarded my flight to New York.

I arrived to a sunny, but cold, day in New York and expected to see snow covering the ground from the recent (and random) Halloween snow storm, but most of it had already melted by then. My dad was waiting at the airport for me and we headed straight…to the computer store, (my Mac has been acting up after a recent incident involving it falling off the bed…)

Waiting to be loved

We then headed back home where I had the greeting of a lifetime from 5 fuzzy creatures who I had missed all too much while in Germany. A squealing and crying, “I’m on my back, pet my tummy” hello from our golden retriever Pumpkin, and a few good rubs and “Hello, I remember you! Can you feed me?” meows from Cody and Cooper, (Cleo and Blue were a bit more passive as though my return home after so long meant nothing to them.)

My favorite thing ever...being surrounded by animals in when I wake up in the morning!

After some time rejoicing in our mutual love, Cooper, as per usual, copped a major attitude with me reminding me that he was pissed off I’d left him for so long. This routine takes place everytime I leave home and come back after a long period of time away. Cooper is only too happy to see me and be petted and loved, and then spends the next 2-3 hours hissing and swatting at me anytime I get too close. He is really angry. It isn’t for another few hour or sometimes even overnight that he becomes my little cuddley bundle of joy again. No amount of reasoning or cooing words can change this. I’ve tried.

That is one pissed off Cooper!

Once the grand reunion excitement with the fuzzballs was over, I set to cooking. I invited 7 of my closest friends from high school to come over for a pot luck dinner and to catch up, and I was making mac and cheese. I was so happy to have everyone there, especially since Kellie and Katy had traveled in from so far away, (Boston and Baltimore, respectively.) It was so nice to be around my friends again! A few of the girls stayed the night, so it could feel like old times, (though I was still so exhausted from the wedding festivities just the night before I crashed quite a bit earlier than expected!) and we even got to brunch the next morning!

High School Homecoming About 8 Years Ago (and still friends today!)

My first day back set the precedent for the hugs and excitement that would ensure for the remainder of my trip. One glorious week in New York.

I spent a day shopping at the outlets with Jaquelyn, another lunching and shoe shopping with Melanie, eating Ramen with Allyn and Cathy, Dining on Hibachi, Mexican, and Italian food with friends all over the place, and seeing family I hadn’t seen in so long. I even had time for a couple of mother-daughter manicures, walks with the furballs, and a museum trip to the Met with my mom and dad.

Winter Walk With the Cats and Dog - Cody taking the lead!

After being away for 8 long months, I can honestly say there is no place like home. Lucky for me I get to return again for Christmas in just a few short weeks!


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