A Homecoming Worth Celebrating: The Wedding

Freshman or Sophomore Year - Where it All Began

Going to your BFF’s wedding is not something you can totally prepare for, especially when the event will be a reunion after 2 years of not seeing each other! Laura and I met our freshman year of college, in an outdated, above-the-legal-limit high rise dorm on the Tulane University campus. We moved in to the dorm on the same day (along with about 1,000 other new students,) and happened to be in the same elevator heading up to the 11th Floor – soon to be our shared home for the next 9 months.

 On that fateful day, my dad decided the almost full elevator could handle one more heavy item, my TV. As it turns out, it couldn’t and so we spent the next 45 minutes cramped into a tight space stuck in between floors. That was when I first got a look at my future BFF and her Mom looking panic-stricken in the corner, breathing in the recycled air with deep breaths.

Laurita and I in College

From then on we were close as could be, going through the usual exhilarating and devastating experiences that make up a typical college existence. Post-college she moved to Miami to be with her beau – eventually returning to their native Bahamas, and I returned back home to NY. We went through our ups and downs as the distance pulled us apart, but always came back together in the end to tell our lives’ woes and spill whatever gossip was going on at the time.


Fast forward to 4 years later, here I was boarding a plane from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau, The Bahamas to see my friend marry the love of her life.

The Happy Couple the Day Before the BIG Day

Not only was this the happiest of occassions, but it was also a reunion of great proportions. Seeing people from college, and friends and family of the bride and groom I’ve met numerous times over the last 8 or so years was a nice reminder of how connected you are to so many different people in the world.

On the wedding day, we met at the bridal suite at 9 in the morning to begin our preparations for the day. Laura hired her hair dresser and a makeup artist to make her already beautiful bridal party (wink wink) even more stunning. We spent all day being pampered, primped, and poked with eyeliner pencils, and came out looking fresh and beautiful and ready for the cover of Bridal Magazine 2011.

Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride

Then we met our groomsmen in the hallway to take us down the aisle and stand in front of a packed house. I followed suit behind the maid of honor, the lovely Tory Millar, and waited anxiously for Laura to begin her trek. As she walked down the aisle, arm in arm with her father, I felt a lump rise to my throat that I desperately tried to keep at bay. 

The bridal party ready for action

It wasn’t until the groom began reading his presonal vows that the lump took control of my body and began to send involuntary tears down my cheek. That’s when I heard the stifled sniffling from behind. Upon completing his vows, Laura took charge and started reading her witty, loving, and well thought out vows to her husband-to-be. And then all hell broke loose. Us 5 bridesmaids stood up front, watching our BFF read her vows to Benji, with tears (and snot) streaming down our faces. We tried desperately to keep it together, but much to our own dismay, or amusement, were not able to, (I might have even had a minor fit of hysterically laughing when I realized the severity of the situation.) It was then that the bride turned to her sister and requested a tissue to wipe her own tear-soaked face. The true mark of friendship is when on your wedding day you are passed a tissue from the back of the line, up to the front, with all of your best friend’s tears already soaking on it…and then you blow.

I Do’s were said, legal documents were signed, a kiss was given, and the ceremony came to a close. Laura and Benji were married!!

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Pinder! (Should be noted: This Was a Post-Ceremony Kiss)

 We gathered around for photos, (while we still looked put together,) and quickly made our way to the bar for a celebratory signature cocktail, Pink Lemonade, (spiked, of course!) Between the live band and the DJ, we danced and drank the night away. And the bridesmaids found clever ways to tie up the bottoms of our gowns (which were dragging way too heavily on our feet as the night wore on!) And the bride was beaming with happiness!


And now I couldn’t be happier for the Bride and Groom and wish them nothing but the best and brightest in their future together. Congrats, Laura and Benji!


4 responses to “A Homecoming Worth Celebrating: The Wedding

  1. Such a touching post! I cannot wait until my friends and I are getting married now 🙂

  2. What a lovely tribute Amanda…

  3. Beautiful description of what sounds like a beautiful day. Made me get all emotional thinking about my own upcoming wedding!

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