A Last Chance at Summer in Mallorca, Spain

One thing that is so much fun about living in a new country, is that everyone wants to come visit you! Ok, let me correct that, living in a clean, modern, fun country, in the middle of Europe…because no one seemed to want to visit me in the middle of South America (why does it feel so much less accessible than Europe?)

So over the last two weeks I have been showered with visitors (and happiness!) My childhood friend Ali came out at the end of August for a 2 week stay. We spent her first day eating delicious homemade food, (thanks to A’s genius in the kitchen and our frequent homemade feasts cooking up some amazing stuffed eggplant, delicious meatballs, taboule, stuffed mushrooms, greek salads, roasted beet and goat cheese salads, and the list goes on,) and having a beer.

Just two days later we hopped a (6 am) flight to Mallorca, Spain, where we then took a 1 hour taxi ride to the Eastern end of the island, to Calas de Mallorca. We were immediately deflated when we saw our hotel, and dealt with the rude staff at the front desk, but perked up once we saw the gorgeous coastline and hidden alcove beaches. These are truly some of the most beautiful beaches, and are well worth a day trip, but not so much an overnight stay at the Sol Melia (or any Melia Hotel for that matter!)

Private Tiny Beach near our Hotel in Mallorca

We struggled through days filled with sand, sun, and clear blue waters and then truly struggled through mediocre  inedible “all inclusive” buffet food. After only a few hours we found ourselves another hotel located in Palma, the central city on Mallorca (filled with clubs, bars, beaches, and most importantly – people!) and canceled our last night at Sol Melia for greener pastures.

Last Licks at the Gorgeous B eaches - can't say it wasn't stunning!

On our third day we took an early morning bus to the main city and couldn’t help but feel immense relief (and sharp pains from us kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner) upon seeing the metropolis that is Palma! It was a true European city full of fancy shopping, wide avenues, cafe con leche and tortilla española. And the best part was the gorgeous coastlines scattered throughout the city.

We had some time to kill until our room was ready, so we put on our bikinis and hopped a bus to the beach, (the farthest from the city, but also known to be the most beautiful.) While it was beautiful in the style of all Mallorca beaches, it definitely had more of a “touched” feel than the ones we had just been lounging at the days prior on the eastern side.

Palma Coast

After a couple of hours we made our way back to the hotel for check in and a shower. The room was heaven (compared to the labeled 3 star but really 1 star hotel we had just come from) and was just minutes from the main bus station. Convenience and Style were very welcome. And one of the best parts, they had Air Conditioning! Having lived in Paraguay and then in Germany throughout summer months over the last year, I have missed out on the environmentally destructive beauty and wonder of AC. And even though I shouldn’t say this, (especially not in front of anyone at work,) it was amazing!

We got ourselves together, took a refreshing shower, and wandered the streets of Palma looking for culture, cafes, shopping, and history. We wandered past cathedrals, ruins, brilliant plazas, and down quiet cobble stoned streets stopping wherever we pleased, and all the while wishing we had never left the city we landed in originally!

Very European Streets of Palma

At night we made our way to the famous Paseo Maritimo where I broke my shoe, and we found a nice Italian cafe to enjoy Pizza and Tapas. Once sufficiently sated (or stuffed) we walked a few minutes down the road to Tito‘s, a large and extremely populated club on the main clubbing strip in Palma. We paid our 20 Euro entry for 2 “free” drinks and tore up the dance floor – drinks in hand.

All in all Palma was a success, even Mallorca, save for the first couple of days. It is definitely worth a trip for sand and sun, and can be so cheap to fly out of Berlin, especially off season. Just have to be prepared for lots of German and British tourist roaming about with bright red, sometimes blistering, skin – and then the deeply tanned españolas (and guidas) thrown in the mix!

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