A Day at the Concerthall

Beautiful Rows of Seats in the Music Hall

Parlando, my language school, was offering up free tickets to go see a Classical Concert at the Konzerthalle in Gendarmenmarkt a few weeks ago so I jumped at the chance to hear magic, (for free!)
At 8 PM A and I wandered over to one of the most beautiful plazas in Berlin, Really, you should go check out Gendarmenmarkt if you have the chance, especially at night. Though, be warned because all of the surrounding restaurants and dining are some of the most expensive in Berlin.
The Konzerthalle was beautiful and impressive, with all the grandeur and large chandeliers you’d expect from a National Concert House.
Interior of the Concert Hall

The show we were seeing was the Young Euro Classic. I still don’t fully understand the concept, but it seems there were young composers who had written music for this event, and professional musicians were playing it. I have to admit, the music was very very strange. Some of it didn’t even feel like music, just a compilation of random sounds. I guess that explains why the tickets were free

The musicians did, however, redeem themselves when they spent the second half of the concert focusing on Beethoven (and our auditory pleasure!) So all in all I felt like we got “our money’s worth” out of it. And above all, we had the chance to experience a classical concert in Berlin.

Borrowed Photo of the Konzerthalle in Berlin

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