A Chai to Die For and Other Berlin Cafe Adventures

Since I started my language classes in Rosenthaler Platz, I have been casually eating my way around the neighborhood during my 10:30 break. Given that it’s so central, there are a ton of great cafes and delis in the neighborhood, and I have succeeded in trying the Chai Latte in at least…all of them. I should probably just start a ranking for all of the Chai Latte places throughout Berlin, since I am completely addicted (and yes, I recognize and admit that my favorite brand of Chai powder that is most frequently used around the city comes from California.) However, I feel it would be prudent of me to give my reviews of Chai, and other things for those navigating the ecclectic world of cafe dining in Berlin to help narrow down your choices when you just want a bite to eat, or a cafe to lounge in for a few hours. Let’s start with the good, the great even – and then I’ll let you in on the list of the ones you can pass up without guilt.

Starting with…

 Cafe Syndicato on Weinbergsweg almost at the corner of the plaza. This has quickly become my favorite cafe in Berlin. It is cozy with clean and simple “farmhouse white” furnishings, and tables outside so you can enjoy the warmer weather and watch the foot traffic passing you by.

The Good Stuff!

Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate Croissant – I have yet to try one from this cafe that has not tasted fresh out the oven, with delicious chocolate that doesn’t threaten to overspill the croissant, but stays put waiting for each determined bite. The croissant itself is perfectly flakey and sweet to compliment the warm chocolate. And then the Chai…Oh, the Chai! I don’t know what they use to mix this up, but I can categorically say it is the best Chai I’ve had in Berlin to date. I can’t get enough and find myself wandering blindly over to Syndicato almost daily just to get a hit of it. Any downsides? Just that there is no WiFi, which doesn’t bother me, (and is actually quite common in Berlin,) but might discourage some tourists.

Relaxing at Cafe SyndicatoQuiet, Pretty AtmosphereThe Good Stuff!

Quiet, Pretty AtmosphereThe Good Stuff!


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