Summer in Berlin

Berlin is a beautiful city, particularly in the summer. So many people flood the streets and parks and lakes, soaking in as much sun as they possibly can to make up for a brutally dark and freezing winter. Being a newbie here, I am trying to make the most of the summer months, and explore the nicest summer spots where I plan to spend a majority of the next few months.

This weekend’s new discovery is Strandbad Wannsee. Only about a 30-40 minute S-Bahn ride from the center of the city, this little lake on a beach costs 4 Euro to get in, (or 2.50 if you are a student like I am…….) Once you get to the Nikolassee stop off the S7 or S1 you walk for about 10-15 minutes through a beautifully forested path until you see the entrance (and in all likelihood hundreds of people waiting to get in it!)

Entering the Lake

You then walk through the entrance and are blown away by the view of the lake, with a huge expanse of beach in front of you and across the way is nothing but trees and sail boats.

This was taken later in the day, but with the sun shining it's truly beautiful!

The first time I went with a group of friends was on Christi Himmelfart Day last Thursday, and the place was nearly empty when we arrived, which was quite peaceful.

So relaxing

And it wasn’t until much later that the beach became packed. Or like yesterday when we only arrived at about 3 PM it was already pretty packed. Though the nice thing about a lake with a long sandbar is there was plenty of room in the water to hang out without bumping into other people.

It seemed all the space was taken up, but we still managed to find a spot!

So my first summer lake experiment has been incredibly successful and I can’t wait to find where to go for the next one! I’ve heard of lakes with dog beaches, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading there next!


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