Dog’s Waiting Patiently

A trend I noticed in Zurich has continued to surprise me in Berlin. The German dog is a well-behaved beautiful creature! It never ceases to amaze me how calm and happy and patient these animals are. They know to wait for their owners outside of shops, and even if they grow a bit antsy in the waiting, they sit at entrances staring wistfully inside, wondering when they will be reclaimed.

Patient Golden waiting for his cup o tea

They even have been known to hang out at the office, calmly keeping everyone happy. I really can’t get over how well-behaved they are!

I found a Burnese at the hair salon!

And of course WWF has our very own well-behaved Mascot.



3 responses to “Dog’s Waiting Patiently

  1. i am in love with your mascot.

    • Anywhere Home

      Haha, I am too! Lotte is a very sweet very well-mannered girl, who also happens to be quite rambunctious! When you come visit you will meet her 🙂

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