Kitchen Update!

So after threatening to walk out on the apartment, explaining I would under no circumstance take the place without a kitchen, the owner conceded and even one-upped me. He agreed to buy a brand new full IKEA kitchen for the place, including the dishwasher and large fridge I had been dreaming of!

So I spent all last Saturday in IKEA with his step-daughter and his “craftsman” as he is called designing the space and picking appliances, sinks, cabinets, and counter colors. 3,200 Euros later my kitchen design was complete and all the pieces picked out! And I have to say I am just completely grateful I did not have to invest in the pieces myself, (but promised the owner I would take extra good care of everything!)

So just to let you know that humanity is good and good things can happen to (mostly) good people, here are a few snaps of the progress so far!

Appliances are in and cabinets are backordered!

But it's coming along beautifully!

Cannot wait to start cooking in my very own luxury gourmet kitchen!!


One response to “Kitchen Update!

  1. That’s great! Building your own kitchen can be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the end result.

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