The Berlin Running Experiment

And it’s back!! The new city running experiment!

After a 3 month running hiatus, (the last time being around the Tree Streets in my very own Briarcliff Manor,) I decided it was time to kick my ass back into gear. As per usual, the fear of failure and anxiety surrounding running in a new place chained me to my bed, (for the last 2 months) but this morning after hitting snooze I realized I would a) never fall back asleep now that I was up and b) never forgive myself for even attempting to fall back asleep, knowing I wouldn’t, and missing out on the chance to get moving again!

So I turned off my alarm, put on my thermal running tights and top and struggled to find a hair tie (where they all are, I have no idea, but I settled with a headband wrapped around 20 times.) Then at exactly 7:30 I opened the front door and walked through the courtyard to the street. I waited until my watch struck 7:32 and hit the pavement at an even pace of about 1 mile every 10 minutes.

I didn’t have the usual 10 minute marker of difficult breathing and debates about shutting the whole operation down and returning home. I made it to 14 minutes before I needed a breather, and had to turn around so I wasn’t late for my first day of German class! I have to say, it was quite a beautiful run, even though it was mostly on a very main street through Berlin, (Torstrasse to Mollstrasse to Landsberger Allee.) I had the option to turn into Volkspark Friedrichshain (which happens to be my favorite park in Berlin) but decided it was best to stick to the clear path since I was on a convenient 30-minute time constraint.

After 28 minutes and 2.7 miles, (not bad for my first run in so long,) I made it back to my door feeling elated at how much I had already accomplished for the day! As I always do when I get off my ass after putting it off and putting it off, (biking accident, looking at apartments, traveling, yadda yadda,) I feel great and wonder why the hell I didn’t try this sooner?

So for now I’d say the Berlin Running Experiment is off to a good start and I’ve finally taken the first step in the right direction of feeling healthy again.

Out and Back Running - will need to get more creative next time!


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