The Universal People

Traveling has taught me one of the most basic life lessons. A lesson that you think you’ve learned in kindergarten, and then again in college, and then again in life, but really it never ceases to amaze you. People are just people.

The more I travel. The more people I meet. The more I interact (thank god for English, body language, and an open mind!) and the more I realize that humor crosses international boundaries, as does kindness and a pleasant smile. I have come across so many different kinds of people over the last year, (and of course earlier in my life,) but never before moving to Berlin has the point really hit home that people all over the world are just that, people.

I find it easy to relate to people with different cultures, religions, backgrounds, sexual orientations, races, and languages. The list goes on. I am still amazed that I, as an American, can sit in a group of people mixed from the UK, Indonesia, Germany, Australia, Finland, and Sweden and find common ground. We tell stories, we all laugh when something’s funny, we all understand the aggravation of falling off a bike, (your truly told the story, everyone else both sympathized and laughed!)

As long as you have patience and willingness to learn, I think it’s amazing how much you can get out of these relationships you form when away from home. Away from the comforts of your own childhood friends, or those who know you best. Traveling is an opportunity to relate to new people in such different ways and living in a new world shows you that despite minor frustrations and setbacks, you really can acclimate anywhere. As long as I’m not being naïve in thinking it’s as easy for everyone as it is for me! But honestly, I think once you get over the fear of the unknown, you easily learn how simple it is to relate to others, even when you might think you have nothing in common.


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