Get Your Stuff Here Extravaganza

Now Entering Mauer Park

If you ever want to see a lot of junk, and I mean in complete and total excess, wander over to the Mauer Park Flea Market in Berlin on a Sunday. It is by far the most massive flea market I have ever seen filled with such goodies as “vintage” SLR cameras, old jelly jars, buttons of every variety, and old-school typewriters. Not all was so excessively retro, as there were a ton of stands selling original photographs and bags and t-shirts, but it was such a bizarre collection of stuff that after walking around for 45 minutes the crowds started to weigh down on me and I felt the instant need to flee as far and fast as I could!

This is quite a collection they've assembled!

After all, where else can you purchase things in Berlin on a Sunday but a flea market? I will definitely return again, this time more prepared for the massive amounts of people and wearing my patience hat, if not to purchase someone else’s used goods, (I used the term “good” loosely here,) than to listen to the supposedly amazing karaoke competition that takes place in the same location!

Endless amounts of valuable items for sale!


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