Department Store Gourmet-ery

There is a well-known high-end luxury “shopping mall” in Berlin called KaDeWe. Until yesterday I had only heard rumors of its existence and offerings. Finally the curiosity got the best of me, (after having heard a story about the best lobster in town being served at there,) and I had to go check it out.

Imagine, if you will, Harrod’s in London, only higher end and more pretentious. (Is that possible?) Then take the escalator or glass encased elevator all the way up to floors 6 and 7 and you will discover gourmet food like you have never seen it before. The 6th floor is filled with a wide variety of the highest end meats, cheeses, olives, cakes, fruits, and only the best quality packaged food items. And it is not even KaDeWe branded, but individual butchers and cheese sellers who have fantastic stalls in this space. It’s like going into the Bloomingdale’s on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and walking around the make up counters, only with brand-name food.

You walk away from the food counters to the other section of the floor which is designed in much the same fashion, only now the little food stalls don’t just offer you the option to purchase and carry out, but also have seating for 10-20 people around counters were you watch the freshest and highest quality foods prepared before your very eyes, (and for a very hefty pricetag! Though I suspect not too high in the scheme of European eateries, only Berlin ones.) You can sit and eat a cooked to order lobster, (if you’re into that kind of thing,) have sushi, fresh made pastas, steak, etc. Then you step a little to the right and lo-and-behold there is chocolate – everywhere you turn. You can only imagine how my mind whirled as I debated for a half hour on where to sit, what to do, what to do!

I finally decided to head up to the 7th floor, remembering seeing some people sitting and eating happily just one floor above, to see what more they could possible offer. Here is where I found the KaDeWe Buffet. With all the freshest handpicked ingredients, you have your options between German fare, Japanese, Italian, or Seafood…(and probably others). There is also an antipasti bar, a pasta bar, a salad bar, and a dessert bar. I opted for the Pasta eatery where you collect all of the ingredients you wish to be mixed into your pasta in a small bowl and hand it to a woman with a giant wok. She cooks the vegetables to perfection, then asks you, “Green or White?” and you pick your pasta color and then your desired sauce and watch as magic happens before your very eyes.

It’s no coincidence I ordered the cheapest option in the place, a vegetarian pasta dish for 9.95 Eur. But I couldn’t help but think of the hole in the wall shnitzel eatery I was sure was waiting just around the corner to take all of 4 Euros for the same meal as offered inside the monstrosity.

Feast your eyes, (and then grab a snack from the kitchen)!

Pick your ingredients!

Fully Veg - they were all calling out to me!

Then watch as magic happens and the nice lady who said "NO PEOPLE" as I snapped a few photos mixes it all up!

And voila! Mealtime!


3 responses to “Department Store Gourmet-ery

  1. Ack, how I wish I had heard of this place when I was in Berlin!

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  3. I had best be shown this Gourmet Xanadu while I’m out visiting!

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