New Yorkaholism

I inadvertently brought New York on my shoulders when I entered Berlin. Not just the culturally savvy, food snobby, my city’s the best in the world part, but also the “Don’t you dare look at me.” “Why are you talking to me?” “What do you want?” part as well.

I find myself walking down the streets avoiding eye contact, but for 4-legged friends who I can’t help but coo over, and glaring at anyone who looks my way for too long. I sit down at a restaurant to eat and stare down the young German guy who’s checking to see if my order might be just what he wants as well. Don’t even try to read a few lines from my book because I will stare at you as I close the spine, to prove the point that this is my reading, it’s not a free-for-all!

Isn’t the first step in recovery from an addiction admitting that you have a problem? Hello, I am Amanda, and I am a New Yorkaholic.


One response to “New Yorkaholism

  1. hahaha, we do have our guards up over here, don’t we. too many people to let strangers in without a reason.

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